The Omega Event: Andrew Patten’s Predacons

The Omega Event: Andrew Patten’s Predacons


Divebomb, Aerial Assault
Predacon Rampage, Savage Hunter
Torox, Fueler
Predacon Headstrong, Ground Assault
Razorclaw, Predacon Leader


2x Body Armor
2x Grenade Launcher
2x Power Sword
3x Energon Axe
3x Energon Slingshot
3x Erratic Lightning
3x Improvised Shield
3x Tooth and Claw


2x Incoming Transmission
2x Inferno Breath
2x Predacon Enigma
2x Rapid Conversion
2x Swindled
3x Equipment Enthusiast
3x Scrounge
3x The Bigger They Are…

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