Constructicons: Wave 2

Constructicons: Wave 2


Bonecrusher, Demolitions
Hook, Surgical Engineer
Longhaul, Transport
Mixmaster, Materials Fabrication
Scavenger, Mining and Salvage
Scrapper, Constructicon Foreman


3x Grenade Launcher
3x Flamethrower
3x Power Punch
3x Improvised Shield
3x Erratic Lightning
2x Static Laser of Ironhide
2x Bashing Shield


3x Peace Through Tyranny
3x Supercharge
3x Reckless Charge
3x Treasure Hunt
3x Work Overtime
3x Backup Plan
3x Constructicon Enigma

4 Replies to “Constructicons: Wave 2”

    1. Yep, you flip a lot of cards when attacking with this deck, and on top of that you can scrap your blank cards (Peace Through Tyranny, Improvised Shield) to your characters when they attack to add height counters.

  1. I found I had some survival issues last night with the Constructicons. 6 turns minimum to form devastator, had my opponent smokin 2-3 of my cons per turn. I put in rapid conversions to speed it up, but was still getting beaten. I don’t know how to make these little-men work.

    1. Against most decks you should only be losing one bot a turn. Were you playing against Double Grimlock or classic Dinobots? I could see those decks being particularly problematic. Versus most decks though, you don’t mind losing one bot a turn, as you have so many to keep churning out damage.

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